Warner Springs and Fallbrook, CA

Since Spring 2020 we have been managing ~500 head of cattle between two 8,000 acre leases in the Warner Springs Basin and Fallbrook where we have installed over 2 miles of high tensile and poly wire fencing and over 2.5 miles of water pipe infrastructure. Our goal on these sites is to regenerate the soil and the ecosystem as a whole, which we believe will yield the highest quality, most delicious and nutritious beef products.

Visit Perennial Pastures Ranch to order some of this delicious beef

The Coughlin's Ranches, Australia

Michael and Anna Coughlan run two properties: Michael’s family property ‘Tarabah’ at Morundah and their home farm ‘Mt Narra Narra Station’ at Holbrook. Both Michael and Anna come from long time farming families, Michael’s family running their Morundah operation since 1925 and Anna’s family farming at Khancoban for over a 100 years. They bought their first property together in 1995 at Holbrook and joined a bench marking group where ‘good producers’ were producing beef for 95c/kg and selling it for 90c/kg. They realised something had to change.

Find out more about Mt. Narra Narra & the 8 Families group that the Coughlins are part of here

Living Acres Ranch, Australia

Living Acres is a fully regenerative farm located in Neringla, NSW. Their cows graze on grass all year long for every year of their lives.

Their mission is simple: they enable nature so that it can heal itself and nourish our families. Peter has been working with our team member Graeme Hand for over 8 years now and has been using the 12 month recovery model, allowing them to run our herd without vaccines, drenching, antibiotics, hormones or any other chemicals for the cows or the land.

Living Acres Ranch

Oak Grove, CA

Oak Grove is the newest addition to our portfolio. It is much smaller than some of our other projects at 200 acres but we're considering testing multiple new enterprises here including pastured pork and poultry.

Coming Soon

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