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At LFM we are specialists in regenerative land planning and design. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can help you most efficiently design your ranch for profitability and soil regeneration. We pride ourselves on low risk and low cost methods for development, which have quick cash returns and return on assets. We can create financial pro forma’s for you that show the payoff of each investment you are going to make.

Kevin Muno

Manager LFM USA 

Kevin is the CEO of LFM USA. Kevin has 10 years experience in the regenerative agriculture industry. He has designed and developed Perennial Pastures current 17,000 acre operation in San Diego County. His primary trainers in regenerative agriculture have been Rodger Savory, Darren Doherty, Gabe Brown, Allen Williams, John Haskell, Wally Olson, Elaine Ingham, Jaime Elizondo, Johann Zietsman, and Graeme Hand. Kevin is versed in ranch planning, ranch economics, grass-fed marketing sales strategies, meat processing, investment development, asset management, and ranch operations.

Graeme Hand

Holistic Management Certified Educator

Graeme was taught by Alan Savory and learned much of what he knows through observing and through his own experience on his farm and other people’s farms. He has 30 years of Planned Grazing experience and 25 years of doing Holistic Management Training. Through his own company Hand for the Land he helps farmers and ranchers regenerate grasslands, profit, and sanity in the face of climate challenges using science-based proven practices.

Owen Hablutzel


Owen has been working with people and organizations stewarding broad-acre working-landscapes through his independent consultancy (Whole-Systems Transformations) since 2007.  Through regenerative design consulting, teaching courses and facilitating groups, Owen’s core work focuses on designing and growing multi-functional agro-ecosystems in tandem with improving landowner capacity to manage these systems successfully.  He brings to our LFM team a broad set of experiences, skills, and training that integrate bio-physical approaches (e.g. Holistic Management®, Keyline® Design, Natural-Channel Design) with participatory group-facilitation, a practical eye toward recent resilience & complexity science insights (currently serves on the Resilience Task Force of the International Union for Conservation of Nature – Committee for Ecosystem Management(IUCN-CEM) ), and 15+ years of experience collaborating with ranchers, agencies/ministries, farms, non-profits, NGOs, universities and other land managing/policy groups. 

Cody Harrison

Operations Director

Cody grew up in the NW corner of Montana with Glacier National Park in his backyard and at 18 moved to North Carolina where he received a BA in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University. For the past ~12 years Cody has been working any way he could to help end poverty and regenerate our ecosystems. Given the large tracts of land under their care ranchers are in a unique position to help contribute to those goals, especially the latter.


Chris Fuller

Chief Meat Officer

Chris holds an Associates Degree from Johnson and Wales University in Culinary Arts and a BS in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. A lifelong student, Chris is a member of the Butcher's Guild and is always striving to becoming a better butcher and meat advocate. He is Lean Six Sigma certified through Villanova University.

Oscar Cota

Rancher foreman, cowboy, forester, and fencer

Oscar Cota runs our San Diego operations. He manages our 17,000 acres of leased ground and runs our fencing and forestry department. Oscar is a 4th generation cowboy from Campo California with family roots in Tecate Mexico. He is a skilled cowboy and enjoys time with this family living in the backcountry of San Diego.

Enrique Guerrero

Enrique is a native of eastern Chihuahua, Mexico and has been a pioneer in the field of Holistic Management for over a decade. Raised on a 50,000-acre family ranch, Guerrero later purchased his own 5,000-acre ranch, which, despite receiving up to 32 inches of rain annually, could only support 140 cows due to land degradation. After learning about Holistic Management, Guerrero implemented these practices on his family ranch, significantly increasing its carrying capacity. His success led to the formation of a grazing association with 500 other ranchers from Chihuahua, further promoting regenerative grazing practices. Guerrero has since been hired to regenerate the 350,000-acre Longfellow Ranch in Texas and works with Boomitra, a carbon credit company, to identify regenerative ranches in Chihuahua that are sequestering carbon in their grasslands. His work has not only improved the health of the land but also increased the profitability and sustainability of ranching operations.

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