Open Range Consulting

Open Range Consulting wants to improve the World through rangeland management by providing Statistically Valid, Economically Feasible and Expedient Landscape Information. ORC has developed unique and exceptional technologies called Earth Sense Technology (EST) that provide spatially explicit and temporally rich measurements of land cover conditions. The methods associated with EST have been published in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal and have been patented (US 9,824,276 B2) in the United States.

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Boomitra uses satellite and AI technology to enable monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon removal credits across the globe. Boomitra is the leading international soil carbon marketplace powered by AI and remote sensing technology.

Alongside a stellar ecosystem of international partners, Boomitra equips every farmer and rancher to increase their soil carbon and yields, while securing additional income through carbon credits.

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Regenefied's verification standard is the culmination of work led by Gabe Brown and Dr. Allen Williams — veterans in the regenerative industry creating the highest standard of quality farming and ranching practices. Regenefied is
committed to creating healthier soil for resilient crops,
healthier livestock, improved water quality, all while creating more nutritious food for everyone.

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